I would suggest getting torag's platebody and platelegs

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Hi guys. I am likely to Best OSRS Gold site do Dream Mentor and want to know whether my inventory/worn items are enough to kill the bosses. What exactly do you guys say? Can I have big difficulties or is it worth a try. Please tell me if you recommend other products. Is a hally ok or do I need to buy a whip? What about ddp++?

If your combat level is good enough to kill Green dragons, then that IS the easiest method for 43 prayer. Kill themcollect the bones, then visit a gilded alter or Ectofuntus (sp?) And use them there. Dude I managed to do it at your level you only need to understand what you're up against. This isn't an easy minigame but it is worth doing.

For armor I would suggest getting torag's platebody and platelegs since the defensive bonuses make a difference. If you want you can find a helm too (you can just repair and sell these when you're finished, shouldn't be more then 5k to get repairsl). You'll require a fantastic guard so go for an rune kite+ And make sure that your weapon is great, I'd use a whip in conjunction with a DDS for your spec and the stab strikes.

Bring two super sets, including superb deference potions (and drink a super place from the lender before going there then switch the three dose baskets with 4 dose baskets ). Fill out the remainder with sharks. Utilize the corresponding potion if among your stats falls under +10 of its foundation level. Never let your health go below 25 here. The knights have their own weaknesses so exploit them, it makes a big difference here. Their Weaknesses are as follows along with what stat They'll drain if they strike above a 0 (and notice that this listing is the sequence you fight them)

Sir Lancelot - Slash, Drains Strength AND Defense, utilize your DDS specs as they should have recharged RS07 Gold and observe your health and stats with this one.