Woodcutting is fantastic cash.

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Woodcutting is fantastic cash. Reduce willows until 99 (Do not look in RuneScape gold the stats pub. It seems shorter If you're just all of the sudden at 99) then market them lowest cost on ge. Idk just how much this would be seeing as I do not understand you wcing level, but you get the idea. Fantastic money to spend on whatever. When you turn into mems, fish lobbies until 99 and cut willows until 99. Sell all lobs and willows and you will make tons of cash. Joyful Skilling!

Since no one appears to be answering your question... I'd go with a buyable skill. My suggestion is to choose 99. Prayer is a very rewarding ability because of the ability to immunize yourself from other peoples' attacks. Additionally, the cape is AWESOME and the emote isn't bad either. Also, if you decide you do not need your 400m, then you could just give it to me... I want 350m to 99 prayer and also a donation wouldn't hurt...

And , yet another consideration, if you wanna go for another extremely hard ability, you could try for construction. If this is your choice, pm me and I'm gonna have to utilize your altar. Buy go for whichever skill you desire. All abilities are"honorable" and 99 in any ability means you are extremely patient or rich, which remains an achievement.

I have entered to RS's cheats section in IGN and I found this: You need to get a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Then visit Al-Kharid and kill 10 guys. The last one needs to drop a reddish clue scroll. Now you have to read it. It is in a code, but here's the broken code: Visit the graveyard of those cursed spirits, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a Demon of this Lesser kind. Take the remains and ruin three spirits, Scorpius Realm. This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search at a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. The final one should shed a spoonful of Hell.

Proceed to the lender and get a Lot of food! Now, after youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You'll have to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He could hit a max of 25 and a minimum of 15. Once he's dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare"Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You simply got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for upwards of Old School RS Gold 200M for every region of the armor. What's that real or just a scam? I never heard about that before. I even don't know whether it is only for P2P or perhaps it's for F2P. If you know something about that talk it here.